Wednesday Warrior - Linda


Linda is a beautiful person inside and out. I met her and her husband Ron 5 years ago when they would visit Napa Valley for vacations. When they moved to Calistoga two years ago I was lucky to start having them as personal training clients. Linda's infectious laugh and mean right hook excites me to be apart of her continuing growth and success. I am so excited to be able to share her success story with you. 


My lifestyle transformation began with Donavan on April 10, 2013. Although I had already worked on losing about 10 pounds, I learned that I had both borderline high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Given my family health history, my doctor strongly urged me to lose weight, change my diet, and continue exercising. 

During my fitness consultation with Donavan, I was weighed, measured, and he asked my specific goals. I was suffering from chronic back pain, felt sluggish, and there was the “vanity issue”. I had recently turned fifty, and wanted to look and feel better by the time I celebrated my birthday four months later. Donavan encouraged me to immediately begin walking every day as I started training with him three times per week. Workouts are ongoing and include circuit training, boxing, spinning, Pilates, and TRX. I supplement with cycling, water aerobics, yoga, and Barre Fusion classes. Regarding my diet, I do seasonal cleanses and am much more conscious about enjoying a balanced diet throughout the day. I have also greatly reduced my alcoholic intake (which is a real challenge living in Napa Valley!).  My back pain has disappeared. I feel stronger, healthier, and happier! My proudest moments during the past 18 months include: reactions of family and friends about my appearance, re-learning to do a handstand and headstand, and running the 2013 Solage Calistoga Turkey Trot 5K in 34 minutes. My goal for 2015 is to drop another 10 pounds, so that I will be in the middle range of the recommended weight and BMI for my height. I aim to continue my healthy lifestyle and thank Donavan for his support, encouragement, and humor. 

  • 27.4 lbs lost
  • Arm R -1.2 L -1.25
  • Leg R -1.9 L -1.2
  • Abd -3.95
  • Hip -4.7
  • Waist -6.8
  • Total inches lost 21.0
  • Body Fat 32.2% on 04/10/13
  • Body Fat 24.9% on 11/12/14


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