Wednesday Warrior - Gary

Gary's story and path has made me a better person and motivator. I have never trained Gary or given him a workout. We had "one" conversation and basically I said that I believe in you and if you don't change now it will be impossible later. Those words happen to unlocked super Gary. He has shown me the true power of words and I use them to my best of ability to continue to motivate others,  During Gary's incredible journey he has completed a half marathon, (2) 200-mile ultra relays with his Ragnar Team, and (3) Century Bikes rides (thats 100 miles in one day!). 

I can assure you that Donavan has really impacted my decision on getting in shape. When he said that I was getting to an age that if I didn’t make a change soon, it would be too late it was a punch in the gut. I’m still working on it. I’m down about 60 pounds and want to drop another 20. 

Donavan AlmondComment