Wednesday Warrior - Meg Heitz

Meg's story is inspiring to me. It's not because she came a long way from a cancer diagnosis years back or that she has made great results with her exercise and nutrition routine. It's that she does it with such grace and humility. Something that I learn from her daily.

Getting healthier...that’s what it’s all about for me.  Well, almost!  Several years ago I had the opportunity to fine-tune my ideas about what matters in life, when I was handed a breast cancer diagnosis.  I got crystal clear about what’s important: living today like there’s no tomorrow, not sweating the small stuff, and getting healthier.  I remind myself daily about the first two concepts and try to live by them.  And for the health goal, I think I’ve figured out the exercise component.  No longer do I have to motivate to get moving, rather I am bummed if I don’t have a day’s plan which somehow involves classes, a hike, or some sort of vigorous movement.  Other areas of my health still need improvement though.  Rewind to a couple of months ago, I had a conversation with Donavan about my interest in a “30-Day Challenge” in the New Year that he was planning.  Wow, I thought, this is right up my alley, since the component of health I’d most like to focus on is the dietary one.  I have a tough time telling myself “no” to Napa Valley food and wine.  And really, WHO DOESN’T struggle with the delectable and world class indulgences here in this bountiful valley?!  Fast forward to the completion of the 30-Day Challenge, which I am so grateful to have the opportunity participate in (Thank you, Donavan, Tara,  and Calistoga Fit).  I have learned that I can say “no”, and that choosing less frequent indulgences is one of the keys to success.  Then occasionally, when I do indulge, I find myself truly savoring the experience and keeping myself in check with moderation.  One of the biggest gains of the month long challenge though, was being a part of a really supportive and motivating fitness community.   The friends I’ve met and made are such a positive and encouraging group, and I suspect the mutual support and encouragement will continue long after the 30-Day Challenges are brushed under the scales.   I saw such awesome results with the 30-Day Challenge and it feels so good to carry around less of me that I still want to continue losing a few inches here and a few pounds there.   So the new challenge will be to keep motivated when I am not competing with others and being held accountable for my progress, or lack thereof.   I am excited to see where it goes.

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