Denise S.

Being “plus size” in a judgmental world can be challenging at times, even when you desire to be active and healthy.  Unfortunately, I could share plenty of stories of how easily people give up on those of us living with this obstacle, but when you find someone who won’t let you give up, and even more importantly, won’t give up on you….well, that’s Donavan.  For the first time in my life, I have a professional coach who doesn’t care if I’m a big woman, but is truly focused on me and getting me to healthy.  Donovan is changing the way I think…a little at a time.  My exercise has gone from zero to an average of 4-5 times a week (with a goal of more).  My diet choices are improving daily.   I still have plenty of weight to lose, but I feel so much healthier.  I have better energy, am far less “puffy,” and I know I can achieve a permanent healthy life style - plus size or not!  Thank you Donavan for believing in me. 



Jacqi Almond