Tim C.

Donavan Almond has been a transformative influence in my life. His expertise and approachable, friendly demeanor has provided me both guidance and motivation for the past 5 years. Donavan is a true professional. No gimmicks or quick fixes, just steady, consistent workout plans that have led me to a healthier and happier life. Donavan also has worked seamlessly with my personal goals and hectic schedule, often providing "on the road" workouts designed on his research into the hotels and resorts that I've stayed. The results have included running my first triathlon, running numerous races, a couple bike and swimming competitions. He has also worked with me to heal a serious, long-term shoulder injury and a few other bumps and bruises. I can not recommend Donavan strongly enough. If you want a seriously competent mentor, coach, and guide you will not find a more highly qualified practitioner. 

Jacqi AlmondComment