Chris C.

I have worked with other trainers in the past but never for more than a year.  I have been a client of Donavan's for nearly seven years now and have no reason to change that situation anytime soon.  His level of knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics far surpass most of my previous training experiences.  This coupled with his innovative workouts and extreme flexibility in adapting to travel schedules have made it easy to stay with him.  Donavan is very creative in his development of routines and programs and mixes them up quite often, this helps prevent boredom and has kept me engaged.  He is very goal oriented and is an excellent motivator.  He is not shy about giving me a gentle push or a big shove to get me back on track when I have strayed from my program.  The results I have achieved with Donavan have been excellent and have surpassed my own expectations.I have not hesitated in the least to recommend Donavan's services to friends. 

Jacqi AlmondComment