My Mantra

My Mantra, Motivation, Mission

I’m blessed and driven to provide platforms and opportunity for people (customers, instructors, and businesses) to elevate their overall self, primarily through fitness and nutrition.

I have always had the urge and desire to help people. I’m not sure if you have had a whisper of purpose in the back of your brain or a burning desire in your belly to do or be something but didn’t know the best way to do it. I have had that feeling for the past 15 years since I was in High School. How do I fulfill my purpose on this Earth?

I have worked in hospitality wellness, sport performance facilities, health care, commercial gyms, youth fitness programs, and college wellness programs. I have scratched the surface of my mission starting in 2001 and until the summer of 2014 creating, designing and managing the fitness programsDWS is the first platform to give me an opportunity to execute my mantra, motivation and mission in a scalable way. I hope you will join me for the ride as a friend, client, customer, instructor or business.

All the best,

Donavan Almond
CEO of Donavan’s Wellness Solutions and Calistoga Fit

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