Wednesday Warrior - Meghan

Meghan is a breath of fresh air. She is so authentic and genuine that you trust her within the first fifth-teen minutes of meeting her. Since I'm in a business that people have to trust me it's refreshing when you get it right away from a person. That trust is something I value so much.

Meghan is a great example of the proverb "give someone fish and they can eat a meal but teach them how to fish and they will eat and thrive for a lifetime." Meghan took Tara's and my advice in the first quarter of 2014 and took the rest of the year by storm. As you read her story I have no doubt this success will continue in 2015!

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to write a new chapter in your life's journey.  For me, January is a time of reflection and resolution:  How do I want this year to be better?  How can I be more engaged in life, and more deeply cherish everything around me?  

One year ago marked my biggest and most challenging resolution yet - 100% commitment to improving my physical fitness.  I resolved to become a better person - by focusing attention on myself.  For many years, I had allowed career stress, anxiety and physical injury to overwhelm my everyday life.  I was constantly tired, my spirit felt muted, and my body was heavy.  Four years prior, I had fractured my ankle which literally and spiritually "knocked me off my feet."  I couldn't run a mile without stabbing pain in my leg, and long gone were the easy five-mile jogs that I had relied on to keep my body strong and slender.  My exercise routines became very sporadic.  Nothing satisfied my "runner's high" and everything I tried left me feeling in pain and depressed.  In 2012, I started meeting with a chiropractor who specialized in ART (Active-Release Techniques) which began to provide relief from pain, and increased my mobility.  I could walk and jog short distances again.  Someday soon, I will have enough courage to haver the recommended surgery, which should correct the chronic pain that still persists.  But first, I had to get back in shape. I wanted to feel alive and happy in my own body again.

I had to make changes, but didn't know how to start.  I just recently joined Solage Calistoga, because the convenience of a fitness center less than one mile from my office meant no more excuses.  When I met with Donavan and Tara for my first Fitness Revolution consult we discussed my goals (and fears) and how small changes everyday can lead to big results.  I laughed and cried as I nervously shared my story and challenges.  I felt nurtured.  And more importantly, they believed in me. (even when I didn't believe in myself.) 

Over the next 365 days, fitness became my lifestyle.  Early morning or evening workouts; I combined pilates, TRX, swimming, running, circuit-training and yoga five to six days per week.  As my strength grew I added a few extra mornings of cardio with walking or jogging.  My muscles ached everyday!  Donavan gave me dietary and nutrition advice which was customized and flexible enough to still allow for delicious meals and wine.  Within my first 12 weeks, my body was changing, I was energized throughout the day and sleeping better than ever.  Consistency was my new theme - workouts, meal times and sleep patterns.  Donavan reminded me of my small goals too: stay hydrated, drink more herbal tea.  Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.  Everything in my life began to feel easier, brighter and happier.  My biggest accomplishment this year was completing my first road race, the Napa Valley Salmon Run 10K.  Wow!  I'm already looking forward to running it again in 2015.  

My body feels strong and healthy, and my mind and heart full of gratitude for the support I've received from my friends, family, trainers and instructors.  Every ounce of encouragement made a difference in my success.  When I began this journey, I weighed 183 lbs and my body fat was 30%.  For the first six months, we tracked my body metrics every 6-8 weeks.  The numbers slowly got smaller, and each time, we set a new goal.  Now, my weight is 171 and 19% body fat.  I've lost more than 10 inches off my body, and two dress sizes.  Those "skinny" jeans hiding in my closet? Yep - I can wear them again. (And that is reason for a major happy-dance!)  

In 2015, I'm ready for new challenges and new goals to make this year my best yet!  And, most importantly I now have the confidence and positive energy to give back to my friends and family with more spirit and love than I ever imagined being capable of giving.  

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