Jillian H.

A lifestyle of health and fitness has always been a vital part of my day to day living. I care about eating healthy and exercising, knowing these have a direct effect to my happiness and overall wellbeing. However, my exercise regime often hit a plateau. I was limited to walking and running. Once I began training with Donavan, I found a new love for exercising. He brought energy, creativity, and understanding to my customized workouts and training sessions. In my time training with Donavan, he has been more than a fitness trainer – he has been a sounding board on tough days, positive energy when exercising is the last thing I feel like doing, as well as being practiced and competent in his field. Donavan genuinely cares about his clients, interested in their lives outside the gym, and motivated to give them a quality fitness experience. This can be seen in the extra time he will spend answering questions and asking questions, working to provide me with the most beneficial and quality help. Donavan has been an inspiration to me as well as my family and I hope my time working with him and being trained by him has only just been the beginning.

Jacqi AlmondComment