Duane H.

Donavan helped me become a much more functional athlete rather than just the "power lifter" I was when I met him. Before training with Donavan, my routine focused on heavy weight training. While I was strong on fundamental weightlifting moves such as bench press and squats, my flexibility, balance, core strength, and endurance was lacking. Training with Donavan, I became a much more balanced athlete leading to fewer injuries and better "quality of life" strength rather than just "gym strength". With Donavan's help, I have been able to compete in a number of triathlons, a half marathon, and even the 200 mile relay race called the Ragnar. Perhaps the culmination of his help came when I prepared for and completed the "Escape from Alcatraz" triathlon.

Donavan observant and customized training has helped me reach a new level of athletic activity for my age (51). I love working out with Donavan!

Jacqi AlmondComment