Susan H.

Donavan Almond, my strength coach -  is a true fitness professional. He's gracious, funny, inspiring, motivating & competitive. All of these qualities keep him on top of his craft.  

I have been training with Donavan since 2008. He has been an inspiration to me, my training goals & my changing nutritional needs. So inspired that I earned my NASM certified personal trainer certificate so I could keep learning more about fitness and nutrition to keep up with him. 

I started out like all new clients, learning the dos & don'ts of nutrition, which exercises work what muscle groups, & how to cope when you are so sore, you aren't sure you can even get out of bed the next morning. I was in decent shape at 22% body fat, but hoped to slim down and stop the jiggles we all acquire as we age. 

Today, as an international fitness competitor, I'm under 12% body fat, and count on Donavan's assistance as my strength coach, so I can continue to make progress on my physique for every show. I may be getting older, but I'm bound and determined to bring my best to the stage each competition. He helps me train properly accounting for my connective tissue disorder (Lupus) and any illnesses or injuries I sustain. 

He is wise beyond his years. He has always made me feel good about my progress - even the stubborn areas that just take longer to hone. Donavan helps me set achievable goals, so I'm able to see, and feel, my progress each month. He is so good at what he does, I'm always setting new goals. 

I workout 5+ days a week, often for a few hours a day & the drive back and forth to the gym can carve out more time than I have to offer in a day, so Donavan helped me select & arrange the best equipment for my needs in our home gym too.  

If you have the opportunity to work with Donavan, do it! Treat yourself to a new & improved you! 

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